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Behind the Cloth

          As many interesting product success stories begin, a problem presented itself. The problem, John Hartigan was annoyed by, how to keep his brand new iPhone touchscreen clean. After a few months of using his shirt sleeve, jeans, or towels in the bathroom which just smeared everything around John began his quest to find a suitable cleaning cloth for his amazing new device. He ordered countless cleaning cloths and sprays that promised results but inevitably they ended up sitting in a box or drawer because they just did not really perform any better than his shirt sleeve. Then one day while waxing his motorcycle with a very unique and expensive cloth he had purchased directly from a manufacturer abroad, specifically for his moto, he accidentally dripped some wax on his phone. Without much thought he took a swipe at his phone with the special polishing cloth and Viola! Not only did it remove the wax but with one swipe the fingerprints and smudges were gone! Realizing with a bit of tweaking this might just work John began a two year endeavor to design and produce the most simple, effective, and safe cleaning cloth specifically for mobile device touchscreens. Over the next 24 months of researching and testing he found the right combination of ingredients and characteristics that worked best. The specific blend and grade of materials, softness, weave, oil extraction properties, thickness, size, and durability were all taken into consideration during the final approval of the current MOBiLE CLOTH.

In the past 12 months MOBiLE CLOTH has begun working with many of the major tech companies including Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Monster, Sencha, Samsung just to name a few. It is now selling in over 15 countries and recently signed a distribution deal with Atkin EU. 

Try it, MOBiLE CLOTH truly speaks for itself.