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MOBiLE CLOTH announces the Grand Opening of it's new website.

I am very excited to share our new website with you!  Please spend a little time to check out the nooks and crannies as there are interesting and fun things to see in all the "corners" so to speak.  Especially take a look at our "Photography Project" page, it has remarkable photographs from pro and amateur fotogs alike who are connected with MOBiLE CLOTH in one way or another.  Each photo is extraordinary in some way and each has a story to tell about a moment in time somewhere in the world. This page will be continually updated with fresh, stunning photographs.  We have no hard and fast rules as to what will be showcased. If we like it, it goes in. Please send us your best! photo@mobilecloth.com . If we use your photo some MCs will be coming your way... 
Without boring you with the multiple upgrades to the back end of the website I will say this... The wide screen, high resolution format, new shopping cart, and Custom & Promotional graphics upload tool, are just a few of the cool new features.  
We have also launched this new blog!  At first I thought "me, write a blog?" but after doing this for over 2 years now I realized that we have a unique perspective on a convergence of consumer technology, namely touchscreen devices, phones, tablets, ereaders, and camera gear.  It is no secret that most gadget lovers usually have multiple of all of the above. Within our network we are privy to many tidbits prior to it going out on the wire. We plan to bring useful and practical information regarding your Mobile Gear, how to care for it, and the coolest new trends that we find interesting. To go deeper into a specific device, tips and tricks, product reviews, etc. we have included feeds to 5 of the top blogs in each respective topic or field. With so many blogs out there we have found these to be consistently updated, solid, creative, and truly well done. We contacted each of them told them our plans and requested permission to link up with them. 

From time to time I may post things that are not tech related that I find interesting. I really look forward to your comments and discussing all manner of amazing things this universe offers up.
MOBiLE CLOTH is a journey that is just beginning and I am so glad to have you along for the trip! 
John T. Hartigan 
  • Posted on   08/01/12 at 03:00:00 AM   by John  | 
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